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Know one thing about me. If you are a patient of mine or someone I am helping, I am here for you. There is a lot to be aware of to get your health back from a very sensitive and damaged place. There were a few people there for me in my journey, so now I am paying it forward. That said, know I am here for you. I will do my absolute best to help you get well. I can provide the guidance. You have to do the work, and it is not easy. 



I am a doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine (DAOM). As a DAOM, we have 4 years of undergraduate education as a science major, 4 years of a masters program and 2 years of the doctorate program. We are trained in Western medicine and Chinese medicine. We are body workers and herbalists. We are trained in the uses over 500 herbs, infinite herbal combinations and over 200 herbal formulas. Our medical boards to become licensed are more vigorous than those of MDs. We take 4 medical boards and are licensed with the state medical board with other MDs. We are not MDs and MDs are not us. An ER doc will, many times, save your life in an acute emergent situation, as they have with mine more than once. For people with chronic illness, I can, many times, help them get their health and quality of life back to the point where they will need no further treatment. This may help them have less visits to the ER, but more importantly, help people feel good, so they can you enjoy this magnificent world. 


Debilitating Illness

I have been through debilitating illness, while riding the ridge of life and death for over a year with Lyme disease and autoimmune disease, without knowing I had Lyme disease. I had several hospitalizations and almost lost my life many times. In over 13 months, I had been to 7 medical doctors, 4 naturopathic doctors and countless Chinese medicine doctors to help figure out my situation. While riding the ridge of life and death, I knew how to stay out of the hospital until I figured it out, if I ever did, but no doctor of any kind could help me. 



I figured out I had Lyme disease, but it didn't matter if I didn't have it, which was good because my Lyme disease lab panel was negative. There are obvious reasons for false negatives, but even then, it didn't and doesn't matter. I figured out the causes of chronic disease and how they presented in different layers of severity. It became obvious. Once I figured it out, even though I was nearly debilitated, I was happier than I had been in over a year. It was a long hard brutal year full of fear of losing my life and not being able to be there for my son as he grows up. So I celebrated with a blazing fire of inner joy. Then I went to town with a treatment I designed. I made progress month by month until I had fully regained my health and stopped treatment within 9 months.


Helping Others

Since then, I have helped many others reach remission and remain there. Living with chronic immune reactions is horrendous. I know, because I have been there. If you give me a chance, and you have what it takes to do some hard work, I can likely help you too. I make myself available for the people who do what it takes to feel better. By providing awareness with healing from infectious disease, my Lyme disease protocol, my counsel, my message to the world and God's Grace, then a big part of my life mission is accomplished. 


How I Differ from Other LLMDs (Lyme Literate Medical Doctors)

I have ridden the ridge of life and death. I know what it takes to trigger immune reactions, because if I detoured the absolute slightest, I would end up int he hospital. 

Based on my personal experience, research and clinical experience, I consider myself the leading Lyme literate doctor in helping people reduce symptoms the fastest. I consider my Lyme disease protocol and autoimmune disease protocol the most thorough and effective protocol in helping people reach remission the fastest.

Caution is addressed and effectiveness is obtained by a well rounded holistic and sensible approach that helps people understand how to detox and make headway to regain their health. Dr. Lynch's Lyme protocol is the best Lyme disease, mold and co-infection protocol. It is designed to safely help people feel better quickly, reach remission and remain there.



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