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My Story - Overcoming Chronic Lyme Disease, Co-infections, Mold and Autoimmune Disease

It is a true feat and a victory to overcome Lyme disease and autoimmune disease. 

Like Michael Jordan in his last winning championship game of his NBA career; overcoming Lyme was no blowout or annihilation. It was a true victory that took constant awareness, research, discipline, intuition, adherence, tenacity, the will for nothing less than victory 100% of the time, and a whole lot of Grace, in order to obtain the win. 

A true reset for life is reserved for the ones who are true warriors for this complete holistic healing process. 


Synopsis on Dr. Lynch's Summit and Protocol

Please watch the video for a synopsis of the LLARS Summit and LLARS Protocol: Lynch's Lyme and Autoimmune Recovery System.

Dr. Lynch brings it all together here. 

Understand what the LLARS Summit brings, what you will receive when you purchase the summit and what it looks like. 

Get a look inside Dr. Lynch's Protocol and what to expect from being a part of the recovery protocol. 



Lynch's Lyme and Autoimmune Recovery System Summit

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Video 1: Understanding Lyme Disease, Auto-immune Disease and Chronic Symptoms

Video 2: How to Bring Immune Reactions Under Control Naturally and Make Progress. The Keys to Reaching Remission.

Video 3: Getting Started Carefully Clearing Out All Categories of Pathogens Without Severe Detox Reactions.

Video 4: Recipes and Cooking for Dietary Modifications with Sami Nordlund.

Video 5: Interview with Suzette Hibble and Patrick Lynch.


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The Four Causes of Chronic Symptoms

We are all hosts for Mother Nature's microbes.

Based on studies and research, we know that pathogens associated with Lyme disease and autoimmune disease have the potential to be transmitted from biting insects, such as ticks, mosquitos, fleas, tabinid and black flies, sand fleas and other biting insects; as well, exposure from marshy areas, utero, breast feeding, blood transfusions, oral, sexual and open wound contact.

Too much environmental and pathogenic toxic buildup for the body to be able to process without intervention can contribute to chronic immune reactions. 

Genetic and somatic mutations due to pathogenic and or environmental triggers can change any part(s) of the detoxification pathway to not function properly. One of which may be the MTHFR gene mutation. Could the MTHFR gene mutation be somatic in some cases? If so, that opens up question about the potential intelligence of pathogenic organisms. It is to their benefit if we cannot detox without the "right" support.

Tissue damage can cause symptoms such as pain, weakness, neurological symptoms, hormone imbalance, cardiovascular disfunction and much more.

As we know, bugs eat tissue. They live off certain foods we eat and they live off us! They do damage to all tissue types, such as nerve tissue, cartilage, ligament, bone, organ, fascia and more. Tissue can be regenerated, but the bugs have to go first.

The Eight Components to Healing

People with Lyme and or autoimmune disease need support with detoxification. If they didn't, they most times would not be in this predicament. 

In order to make progress, there is one supplement that works very well as a binder and helps the body detox very effectively, but you need the right therapeutic dose, which goes by body weight, in my clinical experience. That supplement is s-acetyl glutathione. 300mg twice per day for people up to 140 pounds, 400mg twice per day for people 140-220 pounds and 500mg twice per day for over 220 pounds. 

There are a few other supplements and things that help with detox support, such as an Ionic foot-spa, infrared sauna and more. S-acetyl glutathione is the most important thing to begin with and continue through the whole healing process. 

I do not recommend folate and B vitamins, especially with the MTHFR genetic mutations! Many docs and supplement companies will disagree, but they haven't been through this either. I have. Studies show B vitamins and folate B9 feed bugs. I have seen seen symptoms increase with B12, B6 and B9. In my personal and professional  clinical experience, if people are B vitamin and iron deficient, I have found it to be better to be deficient in B Vitamins and iron for a little while, as long as you can continue to help the body get the pathogenic load under control, continue to detox and consistently feel better. 


This is not a keto diet, though it's close. It is not a meat diet, not a vegan diet and not a juice cleanse or the Atkins Diet! 

The diet that leads to progress and success is the "Don't Feed the Bugs Diet!" In order for ANY treatment to be effective for the term, you will need to abide to this diet.

With each dose of herbs, oils, antibiotics, or the use of Rife, you will help the body neutralize some pathogen, stop the motility of others and slow the motility of others. The rest of the large population of bugs in your body are reliant on 2 things for pathogenic proliferation; the right foods and stress. If you give them anything they want in regard to nutrient, then they will continue to multiply faster than your body can process them. However, if you don't feed the bugs, then you will catch up and finally help your body get them under control enough to land in a state of remission without the need for microbial support and without relapse. 

Examples of mental stress are thinking too much, working to hard, studying too hard, reading too long, or excess problem solving too long. 

When one has mental stress, the immune system slows down significantly. When the immune system slows down, bugs in the body get excited, become more motile and proliferate. When the body senses this happening, the immune system turns back on like a light switch and causes more severe immune reactions. 

In the moment, when mental stress can be a factor, consider taking it down a few notches, to the point where your mind is relaxed and consider ideas rather than working the mind too hard. This way you can prevent the worsening of immune reactions and instead continue to make steady headway.

Emotional stress is generally the most difficult stressor for people to keep under control, and for good reason. 

Like mental stress, emotional stress such as an episode of worry, sadness or anger can trigger temporary increased immune reactions. Symptoms can begin immediately and last for a couple days or symptoms may be delayed and not have an effect until 12-24 hours later. 

In the moment when you might normally respond to a specific scenario with anger or frustration, consider taking it down a notch, keeping it together for the sake of preventing the immune system from shutting down. We know when the immune system shuts down, the bugs get excited, which in turn excites the immune system to turn back on like a light switch in a hyper mode, thus leading to more severe immune reactions. This can be not only uncomfortable but prevent treatment from doing its job effectively. 

By keeping the emotions in check, you will be able to make faster headway with treatment. 

Physical stress is a tricky one. Depending on ones pathogenic load may depend on ones ability to use their body without causing increased immune reactions. 

Physical stress is many times the most dangerous type of stressor. An excess of physical stress, which may not normally be much, could be enough to hospitalize someone or even kill them. This was the case in my experience before I knew what was going on. Obviously I didn't leave my body, but I was hospitalized and came close several times. 

People with high pathogenic loads should be very careful using their body. Be relaxed in all movements. In severe cases, do not walk too far, certainly do not run, refrain from any heavy lifting, sawing, pruning, mowing the lawn, etc, until you make progress with treatment, then you will be able to again.

All tissue types of the body become extremely sensitive due to pathogenic overload. There are scientific reasons for this that will be discussed in other places, but for now, understand the importance of keeping from being physical until you can. 

Symptoms generated from the slightest bit of exercise, heavy lifting or using the body too much physically can present with increased pain, inflammation, brain fog, short term memory loss, tachycardia, skin reactions and more. Emergent scenarios can result with bowel obstruction, paralyzation, stroke, inability to urinate, vision loss, Bell's Palsy and more. You can see the importance of keeping physical stress under control in order for your treatment of choice to be effective. 

It is important to find your physical threshold in a relaxed manner with everything you do and stay there for a month. Then if you feel better with treatment, continue to check again in another month

Exposure to certain nonbiological chemicals, and even biological substances can immediately trigger immune reactions in people with Lyme disease or autoimmune disease. Delayed and sustained immune reactions are common as well. 

The immune system in people with a higher pathogenic load than it can comfortably handle cannot take anymore invaders without getting very upset and causing increased immune reactions. 

Chlorine in hot tubs, swimming pools or even the air in indoor swimming pools or hot tubs can be a trigger. Cat hair, pollen, gas fumes, household cleaners, cologne, perfume and more can trigger immune reactions. The body just can't handle any more excess, so it blows its lid. Immune reactions can be more of what you may be experiencing now with increased severity. 

It is good to be aware of your surroundings, keep it mellow and respond with caution in a relaxed manner when perceiving a potential environmental threat. 

We want to keep these crazy mast cell and histamine reactions under control to the best of our ability. It is very difficult to suppress them once started, so the key is preventing them. That way you can make continued progress with treatment.

If you have consistent severe immune reactions from environmental exposure one day, then lifted something heavy the next day, then got pissed off the next because you can't keep your immune reactions under control, then a whole week just went by from three incidences where you chose not to keep your stressors under control and you likely made no progress from treatment. So be aware and be diligent. You can do this!

In my personal and clinical experience, depending on ones history and potential pathogenic load, I have found that beginning with herbs used at very low doses is the absolute best. The right herbs have shown to be very effective if one understands Lyme disease and is a skilled herbalist. 

Therapeutic grade essential oils (TGEO) can be effective at the right time, however monitoring bloodwork before during and after is essential. Some people will not be able to tolerate TGEO for quite some time. 

Antibiotics (abx) may be helpful, however they are difficult to dose down when beginning treatment. This contributes many times to extreme Herxheimer reactions. Doctors must be very skilled when to rotate the abx, to help the body offset microbial antibiotic resistance. A lot of docs do not know how to effectively do this. This results with abx stop being effective and people start to decline again quickly. Even if abx are used, herbs are essential to be used in order to help the body process what abx cannot reach. 

To efficiently and effectively clean the body, much more is needed in regard to herbal function than the typical antimicrobial support. Certain herbs are used to clean plaques off the vascular walls to improve circulation, cardiovascular function and help the antimicrobial properties absorb into the vascular tissue. Other herbs are used to dilate blood vessels and assist blood movement through the vessels. This helps with pain reduction and increased access to areas of the body where pathogens exist that are normally difficult to reach. Other herbs are used as "guiding herbs", that guide antimicrobial properties through the blood/brain barrier. Other herbs are used asa aggressive biofilm and cyst breakers, to help dissolve internal biofilms and cysts. This should be done later in treatment in a systematic way to prevent increased symptoms. Herbs can be effectively used to protect the liver and kidneys, to help prevent chronic liver inflammation and protect the adrenal glands from over functioning.  

For the short term and the long term, herbs are best!

Regeneration occurs with and during treatment, otherwise rapid degeneration continues to take place.

Regeneration continues to happen after the completion of the LLARS Protocol, but at a more faster rate. 

There are ways to increase the speed of regeneration, however this can only be done after treatment. The reason being is because the some of the most potent regenerative biochemical properties that help regenerate the body, also feed bugs. So we want to get the microbial load under control first!

Dr. Patrick Lynch

If you have Lyme, mold, and or co-infections, then consider reading this.

Hi there,

I have been through the depths of hell with debilitating illness and almost lost my life a few times in the process. I had seen approximately 20 doctors; MDs, NDs, DOs and DAOMs and none of them could provide me answers as to what was going on with me. They could provide me a blanket diagnoses for no known cause, but that wasn't enough for me.

I went on a mission to figure it out. I kept my senses open while I rode the ridge of life and death with fear of not being able to be there for my son as he grew up.

Once I figured out my situation was due to Lyme related infections, I designed a treatment for myself. It took me 8 months to get my health completely back to where I did not need further treatment. Since then I have helped many others reach and remain in remission. 

My mission is to bring awareness of how to clean out the body from Lyme disease, co-infections, mold, opportunistic infections and multiple systemic infections; so people can resume a fun filled normal life. 

My mission is also to being awareness to the causes of chronic symptoms and autoimmune disease, and ways to help people understand what it takes to get their health back and reach remission.

Babesia & Bartonella

 Register and watch the recorded webinar here. 

A holistic Understanding / A Holistic Approach

Dr. Lynch shares his personal experience, research and clinical experience with Bartonella and Babesia. He also shares research studies and what it takes to reach remission from these stealth microbes. 

Babesia / Bartonella

Register to view Dr. Lynch's free webinar. Stealth Pathogen / Stealth Approach

"I’ve been struggling with chronic Lyme and Bartonella for over 10 years. I have spent thousands on Functional Medicine doctors, Western doctors, Naturopaths, supplements, and tests, endlessly searching for answers. Until I met Patrick, and that was the beginning of my healing! I did the 9 month protocol, got better month by month and now have my life fully back without the need for further treatment. "

Suzette Hibble
Health Coach & Photographer

"There aren’t really words to express my gratitude to Dr Lynch. For years my Lyme with co-infections went undiagnosed. My chronic fatigue and severe vertigo/dizziness had escalated to the point where I thought I was going to have to stop working. When I finally got test results showing Lyme, after extensive research I decided to take TCM approach. How lucky am I that I found a practitioner in Oregon! Dr Lynch was transparent about the entire protocol and the dietary changes I would need to make during treatment. For me personally I did not find the diet too difficult to follow. I developed meal plans and recipes I still use today after finishing my treatment plan. I would like to echo what another reviewer mentioned about how Dr Lynch always makes himself available. He was with me every step of this journey. Friend for life! I’ve recently completed the protocol and I’m truly grateful to have my life back again. Forever grateful to Dr Lynch."

Deb Morgan

"I got to meet Patrick Lynch a year and a half ago when he was referred to me for Lyme disease. For many years, I have spent countless hours and money trying everything known to mankind and still could not get my life back before meeting Patrick. I went on his protocol for nine months and I am now like a new person. After over 10 years of not being able to do the things I love to do, I am now able to exercise, work out and do things I used to and love to do. "

Shelley Bergstrom

"Before meeting Dr. Lynch, I had severe acid reflux and couldn't keep food down. I vomited every time I ate. I had intermittent ear infections, frequent runny nose, intermittent headaches and fatigue. I would have a racing heart beat when I would take up in the morning and heart palpitations on and off throughout the day. I was frequently anxious and jittery. I had drenching night sweats, nightmares, frequent bloody noses and my hair seemed to be coming out more-so than seemed to be normal. I decided to do Dr. Lynch's protocol. Within 2 weeks, the acid reflux and nausea I had been experiencing completely ceased. After 2 months, all of my symptoms had been completely alleviated. "

Cameron Carr

"Dr. Lynch is the best I've ever encountered in the Lyme space. His herbs and program are bar none for Lyme. His approach to lyme disease is so straightforward, practical, and effective and in the world of chronic illness, this approach is greatly refreshing. The guy brought me back from the abyss and helped me get my life back. Without him as my guide for my Lyme journey, I would have never gotten through to the other side. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Lynch."

Callum Melrose

"From the beginning until the end of the protocol, Dr. Lynch was there for me every step of the way. Even after completing the protocol, I still receive post check-ins and feedback. I appreciated how Dr. Lynch describes how might feel at specific times of the protocol. It is nice to know what to expect. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Lynch has been understanding and transparent. I very much appreciate all he has done to get me the healing I needed. I have been dealing with Crohn's disease with other chronic symptoms since I was 8 years old. Now that I am symptom free, it is a blessing that I can live my life to the fullest. Eliana Williams"

Eliana Williams

"I am so thankful for Patrick Lynch and his knowledge and expertise. I went to him for Accupuncture but ended up realizing I needed so much more. He walked me through treatment for SIBO that had gone systemic. I just finished the 9 month process and haven’t felt so good in I don’t know how long! The treatment is well worth every penny and the effort!"

Sami Nordlund
Personal Trainer

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