Dr. Lynch's Lyme Disease & Autoimmune Recovery Program

A Lyme disease, mold, co-infection protocol and autoimmune disease protocol for people with Lyme disease, autoimmune dysfunction and chronic symptoms. Remission is likely and we don't use this word lightly.


Is The Great Cleanup a Good Fit for You?

Dr. Lynch describes the dynamics of infections, his personal experience, research, clinical experience and his honed protocol. Dr. Lynch describes the type of people who are a good fit for the protocol and who are a good fit for him and his team. How much is recovery, feeling good, being able to enjoy life again and getting your life back worth to you? If you have the will-power; together, we got this.


LLARS: Lynch's Lyme and Autoimmune Recovery System

The Great Cleanup

A 9 month systematic approach to safely and effectively clean up the body of pathogens, heavy metals and toxins, while managing and neutralizing symptoms and disharmonies. 


You will Receive:

  • All of the information you need, categorized in each monthly module.
  • 9 month detailed, easy to follow program.
  • Email and text support for questions. Answers provided the same day. 
  • Herb and supplement Vault - Links to all products needed. 
  • 9 month instructional program with video and content to help restore health
  • Daily Customer Support - Text and email support for questions regarding dietary modifications and other things along the way.
  • 1 consultation with Dr. Lynch upon starting the protocol for up to 2 hours.
  • 1hr consultations every 4-5 weeks with Dr. Lynch. Total of 10 consultations, including the initial consultation.

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