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LLARS - Lynch's Lyme and Autoimmune Recovery Summit!

This recorded 10 hour webinar series will provide you essential information to help you feel better faster than any treatment.

This informative summit will also provide information to help put you on the road to remission faster than any other treatment for people with chronic Lyme and chronic symptoms associated with autoimmune disease. 

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What you'll get:

You will receive the course module for this summit in an email. Once you sign in, you will find the Zoom Meeting Link for all webinars in each course module. The same link is for all 5 modules. 

  • Module 1:Understanding the causes and symptoms of Lyme Disease.
  • Understanding the CAUSES and symptoms of Auto-immune Disease and Chronic Symptoms. 
  • Understanding the Difference Between Lyme Disease and Auto Immune Disease. 
  • Module 2: How to Bring Symptoms and Immune Reactions Under Control Naturally and Make Progress.
  • Lynch's Secrets to Feeling Better Quickly and Reaching Remission.
  • Module 3: How to Get Started Carefully by Clearing Out All Categories of Pathogens Without Severe Detox Reactions and Without Feeling Horrible.
  • Module 4: Recipes and Cooking for Dietary Modifications with Sami Nordlund.
  • Module 5: Interview with Suzette Hibble and Patrick Lynch.

Also access Dr. Lynch's webinar library:

The Webinar Library will appear in the website navigation bar. 

  • LLARS - First Two Months
  • Getting On Board With Extreme Sensitivities
  • Babes and Bartonella - Stealth Pathogen/Stealth Approach
  • Working with MTHFR and Detoxification
  • Pathogenic Transmission
  • Keeping Immune Reactions Under Control Naturally